Using Scouting app if unit does not use Scoutbook

Is there a way for a parent to use the Scouting app to help track their Scout’s progress via the app if their unit refuses to use Scoutbook, and won’t set up the parent connection in Scoutbook for the parent?

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I didn’t think this was an option. I understood that the parents are (theoretically) being connected to the scouts as the scouts are being added.

In principle, I suppose the parent could email, tell them they need to be connected to their scout, and provide the scout’s BSA ID, unit, council, name, etc.

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Like Charley said, since the sign on is controlled by my.scouting accounts, I believe the inherent permissions would already be linked to the Scout. Are the parents simply wanting to view Advancement progress (dates earned) or they wish to submit individual items as they’re completed; which the Unit may be wanting to keep control of?

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If your council entered the parents into ScoutNET and linked them to the Scout, then they have already been connected. The parent can go to the Scouting app. If the parent already has a ID, they can simply use it to log in. If not, the parent should use the Sign In link on the Scouting app to create an ID. The parent needs to use the same first and last name, date of birth and zip code that were entered on the Scout’s application.

If after logging in the parent is not connected to their Scout, send an e-mail to with the Scout’s name, BSA#, council, unit and the ID the parent is using to log in. They should be able to make the connection and the parent then will be able to use the Scouting app.

After the connection is made, the parent can also log in to to work with the Scout. Both the Scouting app and Scoutbook use the Scoutbook database and connections.


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