ASM is locked out of scoutbook how can I help him

One of my ASMs can’t get into scoutbook. He reports " It always says my account is locked and that I should try back in 30 minutes. "

How do I help him? I’m the SM for my troop. He appears as always on the troop roster. This seems like an account / login / lockout issue but I can’t find anywhere to ask for IT support.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

SM Troop 328

How is he trying to log in? Is he using his username and password from my.scouting? Google or Apple login? Email address?

Also, if you post the scouter’s BSA ID (no names, please!), the SUAC folks may be able to see what’s going on.

@DonaldWake I would recommend that you or he contact your local council and ask them to unlock his account. They should be able to do it with their VST (Volunteer Support Tools).

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Thanks Charley. He finally was able to just reset his password. I guess it wasn’t allowing him to do that before. I appreciate your advice.

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Thanks Jennifer, good to know that exists. He finally got in after resetting his password. Not sure why it failed to work in the past.

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