Scout can't access his account

I got the following email from scout’s guardian:

Scout and I tried to set up his own Scoutbook account. We got all the way to the last step, where Scout had to create a password. He did that and tried to log into his account.

It asked for his email address or username and his password. He entered his email address and his password. The program then told him to try again using his username and password. However, in no step was he asked create a username, so he was unable to log in. Did we miss a step?

How can I help this family finish creating scout’s account?

@NadezhdaAnikeev post just the BSA # and we can look

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Scout: BSA Member ID: 140252855,
Guardian: Member ID140266424

@NadezhdaAnikeev It looks like they created a username for this Scout back in November. The username is:


See if the Scout can log in at my.Scouting, first. Then log in to Scoutbook at:

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@NadezhdaAnikeev The guardian should be using:

BSA #1594512

I have set that number as “primary”.

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Update. They tried firstname.lastname “as the user name and the password he recently created, access to the website continues to be denied”. I asked if they tried my.scouting, or only Scoutbook - will update again when they respond.

Thank you for all your help!

Very impressive number! Thank you for updating the account in this way!

They still are unable to access the account. From both the Scoutbook and my.scouting. What else should I ask them?

@NadezhdaAnikeev Everything looks like it is set up correctly. I would recommend that the Scout or Scout’s parent contact the local council for assistance. They can do a direct password reset.

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They can use the chatbot on my.scouting to reset the password. It seems to be a little easier sometimes.

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Good morning and a Happy Fourth to All! I hope it is okay to leverage this “Access” thread as it may be related to my question. I thought to ask you folks first, but I can work with our local council if necessary.

I’m working to verify an Eagle Application, the scout is now 18 years old, and it appears his Scoutbook record is locked out for further editing. We need to enter his “Scouts BSA Join Date” of 03-13-2017 into his record, and we have confirmed that date in a hard-copy source document. The BSA PID is 128336090. Thank you and have a safe and relaxing holiday! EGL

@EugeneLockhart just type it into the Eagle Application

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Good afternoon Mr. McNeil,
We have the date in the ESRA, but I’m trying to have it entered into the system to complete council level verification and ultimately final Scouts BSA approval. The scout’s handbook has the date, but for whatever reason it was not recorded in the advancement record.

Thank you and I hope you’re enjoying a safe and relaxing Fourth of July!
Gene Lockhart
PWD Eagle Coordinator

Unless the verification tool has REALLY changed it never took that into account - it not showing for Ven (and ship) surprised us so it is reported - the ONLY reason it is in SB is for OA Report and no other reason. Council MIGHT be able to enter it themself, or send in a MC Ticket to national.

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