ASM/MBC with multiple profiles

I have an ASM who is also a MBC. His name under the MBC list is different than under his ASM profile, although BSA ID’s on both match. In order to add him to a scout for a MB, I must search on his name, I can’t pull him from the list of adults registered to the troop. He says he cannot see the link to update the badge work. (He has said he can only see a scout from his former troop - he believes he now has several profiles from his days as cub den leader/SM and ASM from prior troop). Who do I contact to fix this? Our local registrar has not had success. Thank you.

@JenniferWolfe_Pupa you can post the BSA #s and we can look

BSA ID is 131365034. BSA ID is the same on both ASM profile and MBC. Under his ASM profile, his SB ID is 1583973, if that helps anything. Thank you.

@JenniferWolfe_Pupa that User ID has both ASM and MBC already?

Yes, it seems to have both ASM and MBC, but his name is different on each. He’s “Jake” in his ASM profile, and “Jacob (Jake)” on the MBC one.

I can view his ASM info through troop connections. He’s not listed as MBC within the troop like the rest of the leadership - to link him to scouts for badges, I must search by name from within the add counselor section of a scout’s record. Then he says he can’t see that link to update badge records linked to him, I assume because he’s logged in as ASM. It doesn’t make sense.

Thank you.

There is only one account. It is connected to many Scouts as MBC. Perhaps sitting with the user to help him understand system. Has not logged in since 7/11/22

Thank you for confirming that. That helps, I’ll plan a time to sit down with him and walk him through it.

One last question for you - if he only has one profile, why does he not show up as an available MBC on our default list of adults linked to the troop when I go to add counselor to a scout’s MB? Every other adult who is linked to the troop and is a MBC is on that list. But I have to search for him by name. Thanks!

@JenniferWolfe_Pupa I am not sure what list you are speaking of. MBCs are not part of a unit, it is a council position.

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If a person is already connected to a scout, they don’t show up on the search to add a connection. The process changes to modifying the connection.

I think that’s the issue. He wasn’t connected to any of the scouts other than his son. I didn’t realize I had to do a manual add the first time for each member of the troop. Most of the other leaders already have connection to many of the scouts, so it threw me off. Thank you for looking at it for me. I’ll pursue from his end next.

@JenniferWolfe_Pupa You should be able to use the Connections Manager to quickly connect the ASM to other Scouts in the troop, then you can connect him as a MBC.

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