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How to connect MBC who is also SM/ASM to Scout

I’m an ASM and an MBC in our Troop. I am an admin as well. I am connected to all Scouts in the Troop as admin/ASM. What is the correct process to follow when a Scout starts a MB I counsel? If I try to “connect” to them as MBC, it breaks the ASM/admin connection


Have you tried going to the [Scout]'s Connections page and adding the MBC connection there?


How have you tried to make this MBC connection? Has your council uploaded the MBC list? You can look at your MBC position in My Positions. If it says “Approved by X Council” then the council uploaded the list.

Hi, @GarySegal,

What had worked for me in the past is:

Go to My Dashboard -> My Account -> My Connection -> <Scout’s Name> -> Scout’s Connections


My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Roster -> <Scout’s Name> -> Scout’s Connections

Then, assuming that the scout has already “started” (in Scoutbook) the MB for which I will counsel them, I modify my connection to include “Merit Badge Counselor” and select the correct badge.

If they haven’t started the badge yet, I add the badge by going to

My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Roster -> <Scout’s Name> -> Scout’s Advancement -> Start Another Merit Badge

I select the badge, then “Lookup/Invite counselor” to add myself.

That worked fine for me just now on a test case.

Woops, didn’t mean to post this in the “bugs” section. My apologies. If an admin wants to move this thread, please do so.

Ed: I’m already in the system as a counselor for the badge.

The question is how to create the MBC link without breaking the ASM/admin link.

Charley: I tried that. It breaks the ASM/admin link.

When the link is broken, I can no longer manage anything other then badge in question for the Scout. Since I’m an ASM, I need be able to do that as well as manage the badge.

When the ASM/Admin link is broken, I can fix it by the following path:
Home->My Account->Edit Profile->My Positions->Troop Admin->click Update
I got this “fix” from a thread on the Scoutbook questions board. Maybe this is a bug…


-Gary Segal


We are trying to find the source of the bug. A unit admin is never supposed to lose the full control connection to the Scouts in the unit.

To do this we need to know:

  1. Did your Council upload its MBC list
  2. What process did you use to connect to the Scout as an MBC when you lost your full control connection.

We can’t tell you how to avoid the problem until we understand what causes the problem.


I had a similar problem and provided all of the info on ticket SSD-100826. I also provided a lot of supplemental information to support, Donovan, and Bill N. I’m happy to provide you with a copy of the info if you wish to contact me offline at the below.


Bob Acker

| ASM – Troop 624** ** |

| Assoc. Advisor – Crew 624** ** |

| Scoutbook Champion/Enterprise Risk Mgmt. Committee – Circle Ten Council |


“Ask your SPL . . .”

Hrm. It’s definitely behaving differently for you than for me, then. I still have my ASM/Unit Admin connection. I tested it on a scout with whom I don’t have a Parent relationship and my connection/access remained the same, other than adding the MBC connection.


Yes, my council (777 Washington Crossing) has loaded many MBCs to Scoutbook. Including me. I can be found using the search reached through “invite counselor.”

I’ve seen this failure using two methods.

  • Using Invite Counsler
  • Adding myself to the badge using the “'s Connection” screen as Charley described.

In both cases I lost the admin connection. Using “Update” on my “Troop Admin” position fixes the problem.

If you’d like to Zoom/Webex to see the issue, I’m happy to schedule a meeting.


-Gary Segal
ASM Troop24
Doylestown, PA

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