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I am a SM- added myself as a MBC for some of my scouts and lost all connections besides that

Per the title- I am a MBC and when I went in to link myself as a MBC to 4 Scouts, I lost all of my ability as Troop Admin and SM to enter in rank requirements and use other functions. I tried updating connections on my position profiles, but that didn’t seem to work.

Edit- the lost/improper connections may be limited to those scouts for whom I am MBC…


Please send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with your name, unit, council and BSA member ID with your above description of the problem including the names of the Scouts. Post the SSD number you receive in the subject of one of the automated replies here. I will make sure the developers see the ticket so they can look into the problem.

how did you add the mbc connection?

I went into the Scout’s profile, started the merit badge, added the unit leader signature, and then invited myself to be the MBC. Clearly some part of that was something I should not have done!

hmmmm - you should not have been able to find yourself in the invite as you were already connected - the correct way is to go to Scouts connection and click MBC under your connection to Scout

Ed, will do. Sending it now.

Try going to your Troop Roster page, click on your name, click on your Troop Admin position, then Update. See if that resets your Troop Admin connection to those Scouts.

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Got it. Is there an “undo” suggestion?

Jennifer, that worked. Apparently I had updated my connections through my profile instead of through the Troop Roster, but problem solved. Thanks!

Ed, problem solved per response to Jennifer below. Thanks.

@PatrickKaser glad its fixed - would still appreciate a clear 1,2,3, of how you did it so we can get it fixed

DO you want that on here or in the email Ed suggested above?

well the email was to solve the problem which you fixed. You can put it here to see if we can reproduce it and write up a story to have it fixed

Here’s the exact process I followed:

  1. Went into Scouts’ profiles, clicked on “Name’s Advancement”, scrolled down to “Start Another Merit Badge”
  2. Next page- selected a merit badge (Personal Management) which I counsel.
  3. On the page with that merit badge’s requirements, clicked on “Initial Unit Leader Siganture” and toggled it to yes, with today’s date.
  4. After doing that, clicked on “Invite Counselor”. Selected myself as counselor. Selected MBC as the connection.

After exiting that process, discovered I could only view the MB requirements for those Scouts.

I think that’s accurate as to what I did.

how did you select yourself? Finding you name already listed or Searching for your name clicking the ADD button?

I found my name in the list (list was of connections to the Scout- since she is in our Troop, I was already connected)

I’m an ASM, Troop Admin and MBC. I just did the same thing yesterday and encountered the same issue. I was able to fix it by “updating” my Troop Admin position as Jennifer suggested.

It would be helpful if there is documentation that shows the correct methods for Scouts and Admins to add MB’s to advacement and then link with MBCs. This show be for MBCs both inside and outside the Scout’s troop.

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