Unable to add an adult as MBC to a Scout, both in same unit

I’m on the Troop Committee of a certain troop and have admin access. The committee chair and scoutmaster both tried to add one of the ASMs in our troop as MBC for a certain youth, and couldn’t do it; I also tried, and get the same error.

The adult is Michael R., SB user ID 2175774, BSA member ID 9008873.

The youth is B. F., SB user ID 2528847, BSA member ID 14821709.

We want Mike to be the youth’s counselor for Personal Fitness. The youth has “started” the badge, but when I go to his profile, “Advancement”, into the badge, click “Invite Counseleor”, and enter Mike’s information (either every field, all copied from his profile, or any subset of fields the system will accept), I get the error “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.”

See attached screenshot (Mike’s email redacted).

I have had the exact same issue… last night and again this morning. The MBC cannot be found to make the connection to the Scout, but I am sure I am inputting the MBC information correctly.

Is the ASM already connected to the scout? I thought it broke the MBC search function in the past if the scouter was already connected.

Also, have you tried with the “Include MBC only” box ticked? It looks unticked in your screenshot.

the MBC is connected to other scouts in the troop, but not all… and not the one i’m trying connect at the moment.

i have checked and unchecked both boxes with the same error.

also… the error is returned almost instantly… the program doesn’t seem to be ‘thinking’ too hard.

Are you using the Feature Extension or native Scoutbook?

I haven’t heard of the Feature Extension… so i’m assuming just Native Scoutbook.

We are having the same problem. We cannot add merit badge counselor or connections. We are immediately getting an error that the person cannot be found, despite having the current BSA number and all identifying information. This problem occurred on March 7 and March 8 on multiple devices and different accounts.

From the troop roster page, go to connections manager. Then, you can click the adult’s name to give them a connection to all scouts or click the intersection of the adult and scout to add it for that scout only. Then, go to the scout’s connections page and modify the connection to that adult to include MBC.


@DavidLambert - the post above applies in your case as well. ^^^^^^

seems that worked and the required connections are made.

Thank you!

This is only a solution if the MBC is already in the troop roster page, but I’m trying to add an MBC that has never been connected to this scout before. I was able to find him with the search function two days ago, but starting yesterday that search stopped working, even when providing multiple data fields (e.g. Name AND email).

In short, it looks like the Search Function broke a day or two ago.

That’s correct. The developers are aware of the bug.

Great. Thank you for the quick response.

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