Assigning a MB Counselor

I’m trying to add a MB counselor for my son and I’m not able to. I go to my son’s advancement page then click on the Weather MB → Invite Counselor. In the “Search For Existing User” section I enter the full name, email, city, and state that the MB counselor provided and search. I get “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.” Others in the group have already successfully assigned the MB counselor but I’m not able to. This seems to be the only way that I am able to assign a MB counselor. Any ideas what’s happening?

Only the Scoutmaster really should be assigning MBCs.

Click the include merit badge counselors only box. That requires less info. The other thing is to make sure you are using their legal first name instead of a nickname.

And make sure they are not already connected - if already connected they will not show in search

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