Assistance with parent SB account/link

I have a Lion that was originally registered by his custodial mother with her grandfather as the Akela to attend activities.

The grandparents now have custody of the child and the custodial agreement has been provided to council. Initially, I had created SB accounts on the unit side and invited them to join SB. When emails go out via SB they see them, but they are unable to log into Scoutbook to RSVP or interact in any way.

I have reached out to council multiple times and we are spinning in circles and not getting any help. The child’s SB ID is

@KatieGooding there is no BSA or SB User # for us to look at. Are the grandparents set as parents in SB? Not totally sure what you are asking help with.

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@KatieGooding - bsa id numbers would help

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Sorry, my computer crashed and I have no clue how this actually submitted. BSA id for the kid is 14465623. Currently I see 3 “parents” for the child, none of which is the Akela but all of whom have the closed link and are linked.

I’m planning on trying to sit down with the family and check things out on another device, they are really struggling and now I’m questioning if it’s an issue with them trying to log in. They have tried getting in through the app and through logging into Scoutbook using both emails and BSA IDs but nothing seems to work.

@KatieGooding I see the grandparents listed as Lion and Tiger Adult Partners for the Scout, who is currently registered as a Tiger Scout.

If the grandparents are now the legal guardians, then I would recommend asking your local council to use the Registrar Tools to add “Guardian” to their “Relationships” to the Scout.

@KatieGooding Both grandparents had 2 BSA member ID numbers and 2 usernames. I have cleaned that up.

The other issue should be resolved once the local council adds the “Guardian” relationship to the Scout using their Registrar Tools. However, they will need to wait for an overnight sync process to run.

Thank you all for your help! I will contact council with that information!

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