Assistance with Scout's multiple accounts

My Scout has a ID of 135831305, but this unit (Troop 45B Far East Council) cannot find him via Search to add on Scoutbook. After moving to the new district, a second account 131057231 appears for the Scout and is visible to the troop. The second account was unknown, and never used. Can his legacy account 135831305 be associated with the troop? The second account can deleted. Thank you for your assistance.

Well the first one has a middle name - the second one does not - different applications - I would suggest first talking to council about merging the numbers

Thank you I will ask council again for assistance

@EricGaulin never mind - they are different councils - I will fix this for you. Scout is JUST in FEC now right? If scout is in both councils you have to have the 2 BSA #s and 2 Scoutbook Users.

Scoutbook Account Merge Request: Please help with merging the parent’s scoutbook accounts. Parent tried on Manage Member ID and they did not merge. Thank you!

Parent D.G.
Old - Del Mar Va Council BSA # 13268234, ID 2650238
Current - Central Georgia Council BSA #137093787, ID 11560097

@GENAEMEERSTEIN this is fixed

Copy, yes military family who moved back overseas. Previously the Scout was in Troop 1107B - Colonial District in Alexandria, Va and now is Far East Council back (Troop 45B, Yokota AB) in Japan.

@EricGaulin the Scout has been dual enrolled in FEC and CD for years - The family wants it all in FEC? there will not be a CD SB User then. A new one would have to be made.

Scout started in Cub Scouts in FEC in 2014 timeframe and moved stateside 2018-2021, and now is back in FEC. The only account used was 135831305.

No stateside has a different BSA # - they are council specific

I may not understand the issue. All of the Scout’s advancement, etc. is viewable only on the 135831305 account minus a recent Merit Badge. Does it show as CD# or a FEC#.

this would only effect Scoutbook and it can be turned back to stateside in future if needed

Yeah on that one you used Middle name, FEC does not have middle. I will fix it

@EricGaulin Scoutbook is setup now

That’s crazy, I just saw it update! Thank you.

We have other Scouts who have moved stateside to overseas with similar issues.
Is this forum the best ways to fix those accounts as well? I am onboarding as the Advancement Chair (my first time) for the troop.

@EricGaulin this is the only place really.

Thank you again, I will gather our troubled accounts and reach back to the forum. The Scoutmaster is going to be happy!

Thank you!!!

The other thing an ADMIN can do > go to Dashboard > Reports > you can use old BSA # and Last name - and pull a history report for the Scout

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Scoutbook Account Merge Request: Please help with merging the scout’s scoutbook accounts. Note: Narragansett has 2 accounts with different IDs. ID 1858606 has his historical data. Thank you!

Scout M.M.

Delete - Narragansett BSA #136779735, ID #6336488
(60 days membership and no middle name listed)

Old - Narragansett Council BSA #136779735 , ID1858606
Current - Central Georgia Council BSA #137166052, ID 11704616

@GENAEMEERSTEIN this should be fixed