Duplicate Accounts in Scoutbook - Please merge

I have two new parents with multiple accounts in Scoutbook. Can these be merged?
For Joshua:
Parent Account BSA Number 137436016 Scoutbook User ID 12100569
Den Leader Account (Keep this one) BSA Number 137436105 Scoutbook User ID 12153041

For Christina:
Parent Account (Keep this one) BSA Number 137436047 Scoutbook User ID 12099800
Den Leader Account BSA Number 137436125 Scoutbook User ID 12099849

@BarbaraBlascoe these are fixed - you keep the one with the registered BSA #

Thank you for your help. I agree that the one to keep is the registered BSA number. For Cristina, the my.scouting.org roster now shows her BSA number is 137436047 even though Scoutbook still shows 137436125. So I think the council set 137436047 to be her registered number after he account was imported to Scoutbook.

@BarbaraBlascoe 137436047 has her registered as Tiger Adult - the other one is Den Leader

Thank you very much for catching that. I agree with you, the Den Leader account is the one to keep: 137436125. I appreciate your help.

So I have two scout book accounts. One was started while my kids were in cubs the second was started by a troop after my older kid crossed over into scouts. Can I get these accounts merged or have the second one deleted. Both are under the name Dave Kelly and are associated with troop 7155 out of Trappe PA in the Lafayette district of the Cradle of Liberty Council. I only have control of the one with a profile pic

@DavidKelly4 post the BSA or User IDs of each and we can look

@DavidKelly4 I think I found them. Your Scoutbook accounts should be merged now.

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