Assistant Cubmaster Unable to add a hiking log

When I try to add an activity to IA, It allows me to open a new hiking event but I can only enter the location, date and who went. There is no where for me to log miles. I have been able to do this in the past with not problems. Has something changed? I am at a loss.

If your recharter has just recently been processed, you might have lost your permissions with this process. Each year, your Key 3 need to re-delegate/re-assign permissions. You might want to ask one of your unit Key 3 to check your assigned roles in .

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Thanks for the reply and sorry for my late response. They hiking log doesnt allow you to add the mileage part to the form until after all the other info is entered. So you have to enter the basic info on the hike, then add the scouts who attended, then the bottom portion opens up to add the miles. This seems like a small change they must have made recently as I run a hike monthly and have been adding miles for several years now.