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Unable to Enter Hike in Activity Log

I am unable to associate the people that went on the hike with a previously entered hike in Internet Advancement.

After selecting all the people and entering the correct number of miles for each, when I click on “Complete Activity” is just spins for a LONG time, then after a while I just get a box that says “Error”.

I tried entering the people associated with the hike twice and both times encountered errors.

Just in case it matters, we actually had two different hikes, a 5 mile hike and 1 mile orienteering course, so we have a large amount of people that had 5 miles and also a large amount that had 1 mile.

Also in case it matters, I am entering this as an Assistant Scoutmaster.

At this time, only the Key 3 and the advancement chair can add activities.

Unless something has changed, that is not true. This was the 3rd event I have added. It was the first hiking trip, but I have previously added two camping trips and associated the people with the trips. It allowed me to add the event, I just can’t associate the people with it for the hiking trip. Sometimes it requires the key 3 to approve the people I associate with the event, but not always.

I just remembered that I have also entered a service project recently and was able to associate the people with that with no problem. I just did that on Thursday.

That’s been the case since the new activity logs were added to Scoutbook…

So, let’s dive a little deeper. Do you have any other roles in the unit besides ASM and parent?

When activity logs were first added I couldn’t do anything as ASM but around September timeframe I could enter a camping trip and associate people with it, but all the people I added to the event had to be approved by a key 3 after I added them. Recently it seems to let me add them without approval but there is a chance one of the key 3s saw it right after I added it. This Thursday I entered a service project and associated people with it, with no problems.

Within this troop I am an ASM and a parent. Within Scoutbook itself I am a troop admin, but unless something has changed, that has no effect on IA2. Last I checked I wasn’t a key 3+3.

Added: just verified that I am not listed as key 3+3. Under MSO I can’t see any of the additional items I use to see when I was a CC of a Cub Pack.

Double check that you’re using your leader profile in IA2, and not your parent profile. You can click on the fleur-de-lis next to your name and check which profile is active.


I checked that was set, and it was set correctly. My default is my ASM position. Not sure what happened but now the people are associated with the event. I checked several times earlier and there was nobody associate with the event, but now the correct people are associated with the correct number of miles. I guess it is no longer an issue for me personally, until the next time I have to enter people from an event. Thank you for your help.

Just as an FYI, all of them are associated with the event but they still have to be approved by the Key 3.