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Associate BSA ID with new account

When creating a new my.scouting account, how would the person get their BSA ID associated with it? This would be for someone that never had a my.scouting account before.

And related, when a Scout ages out and registers as an adult, do they keep the same BSA ID?

It has a system built in that first tries to match the person with existing numbers - or the system itself assigns a number

If the individual is registering in the same Council where they were a Scout, they can retain the same BSA ID. If someone registers in a different Council, they will get a new BSA ID.

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Also, it’s important that the youth transitioning to an adult includes the “current” BSA ID on his or her adult application so that the registrar knows that the person record already exists.

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So, if the system doesn’t match their existing BSA ID, how do we get it resolved?

Contact your council registrar. They can merge BSA IDs as long as the ID to be removed does not have a Criminal Background Check attached to it.