About the New Calendar Bugs category

We have our troop Calendar on our website

We have our Google

calendar subscribed to our scoutbook calendar.

But not all the calendar events are showing up—just the one campout. None of the troop meetings or the summer camp are showing up, but they are clearly on our calendar.

How can we get the data to flow in real-time?

Will scout attendance be transferred over when the new calendar becomes active. I don’t see a way to mark attendance in the present form.

All I can say in response to this is… What??? Please give the procedures in terms that everyone can understand. Report bugs with the new calendar with the Internet Advancement User Interface… Where and how… Not sure I understand this… Please either provide a user document that is step by step or a link to the procedures. We as volunteers dont have time to dig and figure things out.



I searched all around Internet Advancement for a link but couldn’t find an obvious link.

I think this link will get you to the IA New Calendar Bugs:

You can also scroll to the top of this page and click new calendar bugs. Then, click new topic.

Yes, it’s all in the same database.