Feature request:

Allow Patrol Leaders, Patrol Scribes, and Assistant Patrol Leaders to take attendance at patrol events, and let them take attendance for their patrol only at troop events.


Right now this is a self reporting solution - we are looking at it but it is not that simple and probably not worth the Development time compared to other things in the pipeline

When taking attendance in the app, user needs to be able to group the attendess by adult/youth and by patrol/den. In addition, entries should be sorted within those groups by name.

Currently the app is unusable for taking attendance with 100+ invitees in a random order.


Is there a list of future enhancements somewhere?

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The BSA does not publish the list. SUAC members do our best to give people an idea of the status of specific items when asked to the extent we can.

Thanks Jacob. Iā€™d imagine they loosely pursue infrastructure updates, followed by usability enhancements. As a troop that is newly adopting SB, Iā€™d recommend they prioritize JTE requirements for future enhancements. Thanks.


So are there any other updates you can share?