Scouts with "Calendar Editor" role can't take attendance

I have now done my homework.

Our Scribe and SPL both have the “Calendar Editor” role. They cannot take attendance, even though this was a feature introduced during the 3/16 new feature update. For the SPL, I have tried to “reapply” or “update” her “Calendar Editor” role. This did not fix her ability to take attendance.


Has anyone else seen this? Can someone try it? Is it us or the system?

I’ve reached out to our SPL and Scribe, but no response. One is it summer camp, so any response I get may be a lagging indicator.

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I never recall hearing about or testing that feature - so even though Bills post says it SUAC is not sure on it

OK, I temporarily assigned my son Calendar Editor privileges, and he couldn’t take attendance in Scoutbook, either. He doesn’t see the Attendance button.

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I assume you are investigating?

Please? :pray:

Update? We use attendance to trigger campout charges and camping night entries by advancement coordinator and treasurer. Having the Scouts do this is key.

We have no updates on this. Scouts can take attendance via the Scouting App. I recommend using the app until we have a definitive answer and possibly a fix.

It is also broken in the Scouting App. Our SPL cannot take attendance their either. Our Scribe says she can’t as well (I have not witnessed her try, though).

Matt, can you provide the BSA Member ID for your SPL? It is the first question the app developers will ask me when I tell them we have a report of SPLs not being able to take attendance.

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SPL BSA ID # 135751465

Thanks for checking!

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