Cannot Revert Scout to Older Tenderfoot Requirements

There does not appear to be an option to revert Scouts to the older Tenderfoot requirements. Specifically, my Scout does not have requirement 5d in his book, and I cannot revert to the version without this requirement.

@JeffreyJable the book means little - all scouts are on the new requirements in Scoutbook

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The book means everything to the Scout. That is all he sees. Scoutbook means little to the Scout.
The other ranks (2nd Class, 1st Class, etc.) have have a button in Scoutbook at the top to revert to older requirements. Why doesn’t Tenderfoot have this same option?

All Scouts are required to be on the current requirements:


You can download updated rank requirements to “insert” in the handbook here:

That way, the scout can see their requirements in the format they’re most familiar with, and they can be working towards the current advancement requirements.

ETA: Scroll down to the rank requirements and select “Current X Rank Requirements”.


Agreed. The solution we have had in the past is to take the new requirements, print them, and staple in the book. Often, not sure this time, the pdfs that national provides are really formatted for a book size printer even if they come out on 8.5x11.

I was doing some figuring yesterday with the pdfs from national. You need to print them at about 73% size on 8.5x11 paper to match the book size. I’m planning on printing them on label paper, cut them to size, and adhere them to the pages in our Scouts books for the ranks they have not already completed.

@JenniferOlinger, If all Scouts are required to be on the current requirements, then there is a Scoutbook issue for 2nd Class and 1st Class ranks as both of those ranks still have a button to revert to the 2016 requirements.


Because of the way SB is architected, we had to leave the previous version available so that Scouts with completed requirements could see what was completed and manually move them to the new version. If there are no completed requirements on the old version, it is hidden.


How do I report an error in a requirements document list on this page?

In the document titled “Current Scouts BSA Rank Requirements”, Tenderfoot requirement 5d is missing on page 9.

That’s a great question. I hadn’t looked at the “combined” requirements list, just the individual ranks for insertion into the handbook.

@edavignon, does the SUAC contact for rank requirements have any visibility into these documents? There is a conflict between and, as @JeffreyJable noted.


Contact your local council professional staff. They can open a ticket with National to get this investigated and fixed.

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This is the #1 reason I HATE the way the BSA documents requirements. They should be documented in ONE place, not multiple. The best way to get the requirements book corrected is to have a council open a ticket.

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I will email my district executive and ask her to forward to the appropriate contact in our council.

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