August 11, 2022 - Internet Advancement Change Log


  • Fixed profile issue when there is a space in the Last name
  • Fixed an issue in a youth profile when displaying YPT
  • Fixed an issue with editing profile (note you need to make sure a carrier is listed for each phone line before saving an update.)


  • Eagle projects can now be entered and the information is passed along to council.

    • Only one Eagle project can exist for a Scout
    • Only Scouts who have earned the Life rank can have an Eagle Scout service project entry.
    • When a unit leader is reviewing an Eagle project for approval, it looks different so that they know this is an Eagle project. The Item says Eagle Project in Pending Items. They can go to the Life Scouts profile to review the project
    • Other youth can be added to Eagle service projects hours as participants and it is clear which youth the Eagle project belongs too. Eagle Scouts report the aggregate (which they are keeping track of). Scouts can report their individual assistance in the activity record. When it asks the individual if this service is part of an Eagle Scout project, and they answer yes. It ensures the hours are not double counted in reporting.
    • It is not possible for anyone other than youth participant (Life Scout rank) to have an Eagle project. (No adults (except unit leader), Cub Scouts, Venturing youth, Exploring youth, Sea Scouts or non-Life Scouts BSA youth have the option to create an Eagle project.)
    • A unit leader can record an Eagle Scout project as long as they are recording against the profile of a Life Scout.
    • When other persons are submitting hours against an Eagle project, they are only allowed to record their own total hours and minutes
    • The project is automatically recorded on the Eagle Application coming from IA and SB
    • As a unit leader, once an Eagle Scout Service Project is submitted, you can see it in your “Pending” tab
    • Once the Eagle Project is approved, Eagle Rank requirement #5 is automatically approved
  • Added to member profile: talent release, swimming classification, swimming classification date, medical A/B Date and Medical C Date on file

  • Member can edit/add/delete their phone numbers and indicate primary phone number

  • Order of the Arrow is displayed in member’s profile

  • Provided the ability to receive text messages from user profile

  • Removed workaround for emptying location in eagle project entry

  • In Recharter: Unit Leader will be directed to Application Manager when there are pending applications before submitting of recharter

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