Trouble Entering Eagle Scout Service Project On Behalf of Scout

Good afternoon,

I am the Advancement Chair for my troop. I am the Troop Administrator in Scoutbook, and I am trying to enter an Eagle Service Project for the Eagle scout candidate.

I had previously entered all Eagle Project service into the Good Turns website but my council said that all service hours, including Eagle Service Projects must be entered into Scoutbook.

When I create the activity for the Eagle Project, and get to the Project Details section, I am only able to choose “Assisted someone else’s Eagle Project”


How do I enter the project activity FOR the candidate? Do we not have categories of who the project benefits, and what type of project it was?

Any assistance you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the BSA IT Forum, Mark!

I believe this is a bug; I saw different options when I was logging service a few days ago but now I only see that option as well. Perhaps someone from the SUAC can advise or open a ticket?

Edit: Have you verified that Eagle is started in Scoutbook and their project is approved? I’m not sure if this will affect anything but it is necessary to try everything you can think of if there are any issues.

The new site is not available yet. Do you know the source of that message?

It is under Log Service Hours / Create A New Service Project in IA2. By “new site,” do you mean that they are planning to update the Good Turns website?

Sorry, I just meant the new link in IA2. That’s weird that it’s there since we are still testing it in the test system. Sounds like it was partially released before the functionality was completed.

Oh, okay. @MarkSchmitt since is not finished yet, maybe you should just wait a while to see if the issue addresses itself. How urgent are the service hours you’re reporting?

The issue is not urgent. I sent in all the Eagle Application paperwork and am awaiting approval. I just typically tried to enter the Eagle Project service hours before I sent everything into my Council for final approval. Thanks for your help. I’ll just keep checking to see if I can edit the activity and update the type of project.