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ABC expiration notification

We would like the ability to put in the ABC expiration dates into Scoutbook and have the system automate an email to the scout a month in advanced of their expiration date. We don’t keep a DB of the parents email addresses as they can edit these in SB and so it would be easier to have the system automate this instead of us keeping a separate DB of this information

Hi, @MichelleHoyt,

The information can already be stored in Scoutbook in the individual profiles. There is a report that can be pulled using the Roster Builder Manager under My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Reports.

There is not currently a way to automate the emails in Scoutbook, AFAIK. However, a leader who can generate the report can also send the reminder emails via Scoutbook through the messaging interface.

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That’s what we do. All the Med Form dates are listed in Scoutbook, and we have a saved report that just has names and expiration dates.

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