Sending emails to RSVP Yes

I am trying to send out emails to only those scouts that have RSVPd yes. I am finding that the “Email Invitees” feature some times leaves scouts off this list even though they have RSVPd. They could have been scouts that were new to the troop and added later to the event. The scout does show up in the RSVP report as a yes.

Ae the Scouts not on the list, or are they not getting the email?

They are not highlighted on the list to receive an email even though they show as RSVP Yes on the RSVP report.

Have you checked if their account (or their parent’s) is showing the “No Emails” flag? I had a few with valid email addresses get caught up in the last BSA attempt at trying to weed out bad emails from Scoutbook.

You mention they are on the RSVP report. Are they visibly marked on the event page? The extension gets its status from the icon

Scout has rsvpd on event page and is visibly marked.

Parents do not have the “no email” flag.

I am at a loss why the Scout would not be on the dropdown list, if you can see the Scout on the page and they have the green RSVP Yes checkmark. The extension simply scans the page that you see and builds a list; it is uncomplicated. The only possible reason I can think of is if the Scoutbook page itself has some anomaly. I’m sending a private message to get more detail

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