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Award Pins and CyberChip Recharges

Is there going to be a fix to log Outdoor Activity Award pins after the Patch is earned? As well as CyberChip Recharges? Now when they are entered nothing shows up on the advancement report and I have to keep track of who should be getting a pin and not the award again. It gets confusing with a large pack.

Adding support for Cyber Chip recharge is in the backlog. We do not know if or when it will be scheduled for development work.

In my experience very few units purchase either the Cyber Chip patch or recharge pins due to the cost. With the Protect Yourself Rules preview adventure able to be used in place of Cyber Chip for rank advancement, it would not surprise me if the BSA dropped the Cub Scout Cyber Chip requirements completely.

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Pocket certificate $0.19 plus Patch at $3.59 plus recharge pins at $2.59*4 for cubs comes out to $13.95 over 5 years in cubs.

And compared to rank patches and adventure loops/pins, the Cyber Chip is expensive.

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I believe the outdoor activity award correctly lists pins on the purchase order when the scout already has a patch. It just shows incorrectly in the needs purchasing report. Let me know if you see otherwise.


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