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Earning the Cyber Chip Patch & Recharge Pin in Scoutbook

Can you change the way Scouts (K-12) earn Recharge Pin in Scoutbook?

As an example: One of my Cub Scouts earn his Cyber Chip patch as a Tiger Scout. When he did the recharge as a Wolf Scout it shows that he earned another Cyber Chip patch on my advancement report. I need to go back into each Scout’s records to see if the patch was earn the year before or is it the first time and then change my report to show the recharge pin instead. This takes time to open each Scout’s records. Since Scouts can only earn the patch once, (once for grade 1-5 and once for grades 6-12) can Scoutbook be changed so each year after earning the patch, it shows that he earns the recharge pin instead of the patch?

Thanks, Pam

This is in the development backlog but we do not know when the BSA will schedule it for work, however, I would not expect to see it in the foreseeable future.

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