Cyber Chip awarded and not printing in reports

Cyber Chip is not reporting it to be purchased or awards for scouts that have just completed it. I had to go one by one to check to see if the scout had completed the program. I notice there is no longer an awarded date area to this and only complete and approved. Is this why?

Is this the first time they’ve earned it or a recharge?

Both! First time tigers completing their Cyber Chip up through Webelos recharging. Even if I update the date for the recharge, it should still show up as something to purchase and award.

An award will not show up on the Needs Purchasing Report if it is on a previous Purchase Order and/or marked Awarded.

Scoutbook does not support Cyber Chip recharge. I suggest using the Notes field on the Purchase Order if you need to buy recharge pins.

None of these have been marked awarded (since there is no where to mark it as awarded anymore) and none are on other purchase orders (since they don’t show up there anyways).
I have no idea when scouts complete their recharge. I have to go one by one to check to see if they marked it complete.
The AOL den all popped up complete on the purchase order and to be awarded and all of those scouts have recharge many times over the years.

Here are two examples. I am never notified that this first time, Tiger, needed a Cyber Chip and this recharge Webelos, needed a pin.

Under the AOL den, I am still able to mark when it is awarded. But, I see that here it is not just Cyber Chip, but Cyber Chip Grades 4-5. I wonder if the programming has something to do with it?

This den I was notified when the updated info was put in. I knew that they didn’t need the Cyber Chip patch again, but a recharge because I had written that in notes from before (there is no where to put recharges).

The rank requirement is separate from the award itself because there are too many quirks to try to hotlink them. The proper way to get it to show up in needs purchasing is under the scout’s awards. Yes, there are two different cyber chips under awards.

They need to be linked. There is no way parents will know. They see the requirements and check those boxes. Cyber chip should be just like any other award for advancement because it is required. Better yet, make the award and then have a recharge for each year after. Those new scouts will just get the award. Anytime the award is completed, it needs to alert advancement to purchase required items for awarding!

The problem is cyber chip is not just like any other award. When it used to be hotlinked, it incorrectly gave a scout who earned it as a Tiger credit for it for Wolf and Bear also. The requirement says “Earn the cyber chip award for your grade.” There are many ways to do that. Sometimes it’s by earning it for the first time. Other times, it’s a recharge. It gets complicated really quick… all for something that’s going away.

@jacobfetzer Do we know when Cyberchip is going away and if it will go away for all programs? Asking as a Scouts BSA leader.

I’ve only heard that it’s going away for Cub Scouts for sure. The timing is TBD. I can guess it might go away for SBSA eventually, too, but there’s no obvious replacement at this point.

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