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Awarding Academic Sports Belt Loops and Pins

One of our den leaders in her enthusiasm has approved Academic Sports Belt Loops and Pins for some of the scouts in her den, however our local scout shop no longer has a supply of those items since the program has been retired for several years. The items are showing up as outstanding on both of our pack’s Needs Purchasing Report and Needs Awarding Report in Scoutbook.

What’s the recommendation for clearing these items from our reports? Should we mark them as awarded so that they show up on the profile pages for those scouts, even though they were never physically awarded the items? Or should we go back and uncheck the awards to remove them from the list?


When that program ended, it was announced that Scouts could earn them indefinitely as long as the recognition items existed to present to them. So, your Scouts earned them.

That being the case, I would mark them as Awarded in Scoutbook and then buy some on ebay to present to the Scouts.

Our pack has a surplus of these loops and pins and would be interested in liquidating our inventory. Please email for additional details.

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