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Purchased vs awarded

It drives me nuts that Scoutbook assumes that purchased=awarded. We often have kids who don’t show up at the pack meeting to retrieve their awards, so we end up with lots of paper notes saying things “give Dave his Duty to God loop” and they inevitably get lost.
Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping track of this?

We also inevitably have a kid here or there who just disappears without collecting his awards, so we don’t necessarily need to buy as many as were earned the next year. I would love a better way of tracking what he already have on hand.

Scoutbook does not assume that purchased=Awarded. Items can to be marked as Awarded in Scoutbook. You can mark items as Awarded from within the Needs Purchasing Report, but I don’t recommend it. I find it easier to mark them as Awarded from the Needs Awarding Report. You can use the “Customize” button to sort by “Den/Patrol/Scout”, which allows you to easily find the Scouts who were there / not there at the pack meeting.

Internet 2.0 is different. It doesn’t really track the awarded status. If you use it instead of Scoutbook, it assumes that all items purchased are also awarded.

Really? I’ll play with it some more and see where I was going wrong.

Yes. Ours works great (when using ScoutBook exclusively). PO generated do not mark items as awarded. There is a notification on my login (#) next to reports and when I click on it says “needs awarding” (or something similar). When I click it it shows all the Scouts in my Den and their awards. I can select all (or just the ones that were at a meeting) and click “mark as awarded.” Mine are all awarded at this point or I’d screen capture for you.

(PS Tried some photos for you)

Here is a video that might help. The Needs Purchasing part starts at about the 10 minute mark: