Awarding completion for past adventures

How do we award completion for past adventures. My scout is now a bear and over the summer months wants to work on past adventures that we didn’t have time to complete during the year. We are now getting an error message saying “we are not eligible and must be registered in the appropriate den level for this rank”. I am not a key 3 member of our pack, I am now just a parent. Use to be a den leader until my oldest bridged over.

@HeatherSweere - are these bear adventures and what den level is the scout in ? I can say that you can not work backwards or forward in cub scouts.

Only Current Den Level Items can be earned - a scout moves forward not backwards is the simple answer. With the new adventures they are very parallel in subject matter.

Per national policy. A cub scout is not allowed per policy to go back on previous ranks and nor is allowed to earn later ranks. They are only allowed to work on the current rank. Which if I understand correctly would be the bear rank.

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