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Adding adventures

Can I add and approve adventure tasks as they complete them or do I need to wait until they have completed all the required tasks for an adventure before inputting it?

You can mark off each requirement when done

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So, if I understand you correctly, if they complete task 2 & 3 in a meeting, I can go ahead and input those, then come back the next week and add new tasks created for the same adventure. Yes? I don’t want to mess up my first try!

Yes, you can add and approve individual requirements as you go along. We recommend using Quick Entry from the den page.

You are correct. That’s the way that I managed my den when I was a DL.

Excellent! Thank you. One more question. Scouts work on adventures with families during the summer. Can scouts get credit for adventures under the previous years level (was a Tiger last year and worked on Tiger adventures during the summer) or do they only get credit for adventures for the new level they would be entering (they are now a Wolf and can only get credit for wolf adventures they worked on during the past summer?

The Guide to Advancement specifies that scouts can’t go back. Our pack ran our program from Fall to Fall, so that the summer was part of the previous program year, avoiding the “going back” issue.

One thing to note on Adventure and entry - I think Adventures do not auto complete and you have to do it complete/approve it yourself

It depends on when your pack advances the dens to the next den level. Once the dens advance, Cub Scouts are not supposed to “go back” and work on stuff from a previous den level (BSA Guide to Advancement section Cub Scout Ranks). Most packs advance their dens at the end of the school year, but some packs advance their dens at the end of summer / beginning of the school year.

However, Pack Committees do have the ability to grant limited time extensions to individual Scouts if they are close to earning their rank prior to advancing the dens (section “Do Your Best”).

Our pack awarded the Wolf at the end of the school year. My scout earned it, however continued to complete elective activities from the Tiger book during the summer. I wondered if he could be awarded those he completed or if they had to be Wolf level adventures. I did see where it said the den could continue working on elective adventures after the requirements were complete.

I’m confused. When you say “awarded the Wolf”, do you mean they did a neckerchief swap going from Tiger to Wolf, or do you mean he had actually already earned the Wolf rank badge? Or was a it just a typo (my other arch nemesis!) and you meant Tiger not Wolf?

It sounds like your Cub Scout was in a Tiger den last year, and your son’s pack moved the dens up to the next den level (Tiger -> Wolf for your son) at the end of the school year. Moving up to the next den level was signified by giving him a Wolf neckerchief. After moving up to the next den level, he should not be “going back” and working on Tiger electives, because he was no longer in a Tiger den.

There is a difference between earning a rank and moving up to the next den level. Your son probably earned the Bobcat and Tiger ranks last school year, and he could continue earning Tiger awards and electives while he was in a Tiger den. Once the pack advanced the dens to the next den level (Wolf), then he should be working on Wolf level adventures and awards.

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