No longer able to see the Bear rank for an existing cub scout

Last week, I noticed we could no longer view the Bear Advancement for one of our scouts. He has been with the Pack for many months and we could previously view it but now it has disappeared. All our other Bears’ advancement pages still show their Bear rank, except this individual. You can see the bear adventures he earned this year on the main page for him but we cannot add any more advancements for him until this is fixed. We are ready to advance him but can’t mark him as having completed Bears. I have confirmed with our local registrar that he is properly registered.

@LauraHopper - what kind of a den is the scout in ? and what does his membership page show. ?

and do follow this:

He is in the Bear den now. We have 5 scouts in this den and still need to mark their last completed adventures in Scoutbook. The other 4 Bears still show their Bear option in the Advancement page. Here is another scout in the same den.

The scout whose Bear advancement option disappeared doesn’t show as having completed the Bear rank.

Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no name) and we will investigate.

The BSA member # is 12836143


The Scout is in a Bear Den in Pack 71 and a Wolf den in Pack 400. This is confusing the system. He needs to be in the same level den in both packs in order for Scoutbook to know which ranks to display.

His registration in Pack 400 ended on 12/03/2020. I suggest editing that membership to add an end date then click Update.


I did mention the membership thing… it impacts many things

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That fixed it! Thank you, both!

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