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Back Dating and Purchase Order

Not sure if this is a bug or not. We have a parent that went in and backdated some belt loops by 7 months. When we ran the purchase order report nothing showed up for that parent. We have 75 other scouts and had no issues with the PO.

Is the problem that we are buying the awards in 2019 and they backdated to 2018

These awards are marked awarded (yellow check mark) so they will not appear on a PO. Awarded means the Scout physically has the award in hand. Since the Scout has the award, there is no reason to put it on a PO.

If you need to purchase these awards, you need to go into each one, click on Completed or the completion date and clear the Awarded check box.

Adam - just a point of order with regard to youth protection, you have exposed youth names. With that in mind you may want to remove names on the pics and your post.

I removed the pictures from Adam’s post since they contained youth names. Before removing them I was able to see that they were marked Awarded which prevented them from appearing on the Purchase Order.

Thanks for all the help. The problem was they ran the report before they marked them awarded

We only have problems when parents go in and backdate the awards. Does anyone have any advice to stop this? With 75 scouts it is really hard to manage and we have to trust the parents and scoutbook. Also, thanks for removing the images.

Adam - the thing to remember is that final loops, pins, ranks and awards are recorded at their final completed date. All of the underlying requirements are for the scout, unit,leader and parents. As long as the completed date is confirmed then the underlying items are moot.