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Purchase Order missing items

Warning - this is the first time I’m creating purchase order for our Troop. My purchase order is missing a Scout’s advancement (3 MB) and also missing another Scout’s merit badges (2 of 19 MB) are missing. Is there a way to fix this on purchase order? I checked and both Scouts do not have awarded option marked off. Doesn’t seem so bad when I’ve recorded 172 MB, but still need to know how to fix it. Thank you!

Hi, @GiselleEngstrom,

I assume that the missing MBs are marked Leader Approved? Not being marked Leader Approved is usually what prevents rank/MBs from appearing on our POs.

ETA: Clarified the text.

Thanks Charley for replying. I did check and they are leader approved. Any other suggestions?

@CharleyHamilton I think you mean, Awarded. Awarded is what removes the item form the PO, since you do not need to buy what has already been awarded.

Thanks Rick. I did not mark awarded because I need them to be on the purchase order. All MB I recorded have leader approved checked, but for whatever reason the purchase order is not accounting for 1 Scout entirely who has earned 3 MB and another Scout who it doesn’t account for 2 MB, but has accounted for the other 17 MB this Scout has earned during this period.

I’ve generally not had something appear on the PO until it was Leader Approved. I agree that once it is marked Awarded it disappears.

If the item appears on the PO as soon as it’s marked Completed, that’s a bug, since anybody, including the scout, can mark something Completed.

ETA: I verified just now that things on our troop’s Needs Approval report are not appearing on the Needs Purchasing report. If it doesn’t appear on Needs Purchasing, I don’t believe it can get added to the PO, right?

This is helpful because I think they were accidentally marked completed at one point. Thank you!

I would double check that Awarded is not marked. It is (too) easy to mark at the time of approval.


Go to the Scout’s Advancement page and scroll down until you find one of the merit badges that is not showing up on the Needs Purchasing Report / Purchase Order.

The check box next to the merit badge should be blue (Completed and Approved).

green = Completed
blue = Completed and Approved by a leader
yellow = Completed, Approved, and Awarded

Also double check that they weren’t on a prior closed PO.

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Thanks Jennifer. On the Scout’s Advancement page, the MB does show up as blue, but for whatever reason not on the Purchase Order. The only thing that made a little bit of sense is that Charley mentioned that maybe it was accidentally marked as Awarded and then checked off that it wasn’t since it really wasn’t, maybe this is what’s causing the issue. I am aware of the different colors and made sure and went back and saved them, but it didn’t help.

Thanks Jacob. First round using purchase order/Scoutbook so I know this wasn’t on prior PO.

OK, next try looking on the Scout’s Membership page. In the Current Membership area, you should only see the Scout’s membership with your troop – not a Cub Scout pack. Also, the Scout’s Membership should be approved (green shield with checkmark).

Do they show up in the needs awarding report?

Confirmed he has green shield with checkmark.

Yes, everything is correct on the needs awarding report! What does this mean that everything is listed in this report, but missing from the PO? (I’ve never looked at this report until now)

It means it is approved and not awarded (as you said). Each item also tells you what PO it was on. Does it list a PO for those items?

You are correct those items have a different PO number!!! Mystery solved. However, this is the first time I’ve done a PO, so I honestly don’t know how they could have had a different PO number?

Did you use Internet Advancement previously?

Honestly, I am so overwhelmed recording 50 Scouts and 15 girls in separate Girls Troop. I haven’t even gone into Internet Advancement, once the switch was made for us to use Scoutbook to record everything. I didn’t even know how to print an individual report for a Scout who was getting ready for his Eagle meeting and needed to have the Committee Chair figure out where to find it, which I was told later was in Internet Advancement. So, it is all new to me.