Backdating a Scout's Registration Date

I have a scout whose registration in Scouts BSA got messed up (by a number of human errors - long story). Anyway, he was a registered Cub Scout and bridged of to Scouts BSA in June 2021. However, no one from the troop transferred him in. So, the pack dropped him as a part of their recharter submission for 2022 (which is appropriate), but his troop did not include him in their recharter submissions for 2022 or 2023 (and yes, I always tell them to check the roster to be sure everyone is there). He was just added at council on March 30, 2023. For rank advancement and merit badge completions, can we backdate his registration date to June 2021 (still waiting for the exact date in June). Thanks.

@CarolynMiller I would recommend directing this question to the local council Registrar.

I did. She said there was nothing she could do.

The unit can update the Date Joined ScoutsBSA by following the directions here:

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Never heard of a council even checking registrations on an Eagle verification

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