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Tracking Joined dates

How do I run a report that shows the date ALL my scouts bridged/crossed or joined our troop?


Go to: Export / Backup -> Scouts

There is a “Date Joined Scouts BSA” field. It can be edited under each Scout’s Edit Profile page.

Thank you so much… now looking for Export/Backup… on the hunt.


Export / Backup is on your main Troop (unit) page. It is only available to unit Admins.

I see the BSA joined date column - but they are all blank. I do not see anyplace to enter a join date in a individual scouts profile. I’m working with a pack if it matters.

that Joined date is only for OA for Scouts BSA/Sea Scouts/Venturers

The field is just below the Boys’ Life toggle in the scout’s profile at the Scouts BSA level. I don’t recall whether or not it appears at the Cub Scout level, since it’s meant to apply once bridged to a troop.

It does not appear at the Cub Scout level. It was added because it was needed for certain reports (such as Order of the Arrow eligibility).

Thanks - is there any way to find the join date for cub scouts? Like maybe the date they registered with national? I see the den join date in the scoutbook export - but we have had to reshuffle dens so that is not accurate.

If the scout was auto-added by your registrar, then their oldest membership (by date) should show the original joining date. Not sure if that’s reported, however, since it would potentially be associated with a “previous” membership.

Out of curiosity, what’s the utility for the data?

New cubmaster is asking about past years recruiting events to compare against. I know the original member date is tracked somewhere - I was just hoping it would be easy to access.

For a pack, the year of the Bobcat rank is a good indicator for when the Scout joined. The only way I know of to get the actual date is to contact your council registrar and ask if they can dig it up.

That’s an awesome idea! Thanks Ed!

You’d also need to check if they were a Lion.

There should be a way to look up a scout’s BSA ID and determine the date that it was issued. We have scouts who have transferred from other troops, out of state, etc., and I feel that asking the council registrar to try to “dig it up” is silly. Surely this data is available nationally? I am Advancement Chair. We would like to award Service Stars. Even Eagle Scout application wants to know when a scout joined BSA. Anybody have a simple way to find this?

Other than asking the parents, the former unit leaders, or either register, there is no way to look this up. Considering the close link that this has to the scouts and PII, this seems reasonable to me.