"Bad Request" error when adding event

I am trying to add a new monthly recurring event to the IA calendar. When I do, I get a “Bad Request” error. Looking in the browser developer tools, I see the following error:

  "errorCode": "C400",
  "message": "Bad Request",
  "errorDesc": "\"description\" length must be less than or equal to 250 characters long"

The name of my event is 21 characters (“Parent Leader Meeting”). The description is indeed over 250 characters, but this is displayed below the field: “613/65535”. So I assume that I should be able to add a description up to 65,535 characters. The Notes field is blank (0/65535).

@MartinCortez try SHIFT + Refresh Page

@DonovanMcNeil I’ve tried that, and also I’ve tried using a different browser (Edge, which had never opened IA before.) Neither worked.


I have reported this to the developers.

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Is there any update from the developers?

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