Text reminders for calendar events

I have parents that don’t use their email very often. I can probably get them to enter their text information into their Scoutbook profile. This allows for me to send messages from the messages tab, but event reminders/RSVP only go to email.

Please add the option to send event reminders to email & text. The ones for text could be: “Event XXX is coming up on date YYY, Please visit page xxx for more details.”

This is becoming a big dissatisfier for parents & hard for us as busy leaders to go back in & specifically send out text messages a few days before an event (as opposed to automated when you set the reminders when an event is setup).

This is a previous request that is the backlog but we do not know when or if the BSA will schedule it for implementation. I would not expect to see this implemented in the foreseeable future.

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