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Event Creation and Invitees

We are trying to get our pack started using Scoutbook. I can send messages to individuals, but it seems that if we create an event and invite people, none receive an email notification. Is this normal? It also seems that if Scoutbook sends an invite to someone, they do not receive that either. The only way email appears to actually work is if it is an individual email.

Adding invitees to a calendar event will not send them an e–mail. If you want to notify them about the event, you need to use the Schedule Reminders to send a reminder (send now or some other option). The reason for this is because many people do not want to be notified every time they are added to an event or an event is edited - it could result in many, many e-mails, especially if a unit is adding a bunch of events to the Scoutbook calendar at the same time.

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