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Basic questions from new IA2 user

New AI2 user here with some basic questions. Thanks in advance for your help.

1 - Does someone at National add new scouts to the IA2 roster based on their paper application? Or, does someone in our pack add a new scout via the Add Scout feature in Scoutbook? If it’s the latter, how is the member id applied to the profile? Does it happen automatically once the member id is generated by national, or does someone in our pack manually key it in at a later date?

2 - What is the procedure for correcting a misspelled name in IA2? I corrected the spelling in Scoutbook, but the change has not been reflected in IA2.

  1. Your council needs to process your applications. It should match what is in member manager on my.scouting.
  2. Contact your council registrar.
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@jacobfetzer ok I will contact our council registrar. Thanks for the quick reply!