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Basic Questions

I have several Basic Questions

  1. How should you line up your leaders. If I have a leader who is a den leader, advancement chair
    A. another leader is treasurer and nothing else
    Should they all get Den or Pack admin and if they do not, does their position give them certain access. Example the treasure if not in as an admin are they will able to use the payment log?
    We have alot of people with alot of roles in Scoutbook and I am not sure they are all needed.

  2. We have one person listed 2 times as a leader how do you eliminate duplicate people in Scoutbooks. We have some parents listed twice and so on.

  3. Den Names. When i try and create a new den for inactive scouts it says you can choose a name or number or both but it is not letting me put in a name? Is there any way to not big a den level since it is just an inactive den?

  4. Do you use a Pack Calendar and a Den Calendar? If I create an event as a Pack Event does all of the dens see it on their calendars or do they have to subscribe to the Pack Calendar?

I am trying to clean up our Scoutbook and have a better lay out and function when it was set up it was just set up but not really used until now. We are just starting training.

  1. Depending on the size of your unit, I’d recommend 3-5 pack admins. You want at least three in case someone falls off the face of the earth. But you also don’t want too many people that can screw things up. The key 3 are automatically unit admins, but it’s not uncommon to remove admin status from the COR if they aren’t active/trained in using Scoutbook. Advancement coordinators and key 3 delegates (as specified in the Organization Security Manager in my.scouting.org) is also unit admins automatically. Beyond that, you may consider how tech savvy those automatic individuals are. A Membership coordinator or New Member Coordinator could be other good options. They would need to be an admin to assign dens and such. Finally, you do what works for your pack based on the skillset of the individuals.

The treasurer does not need to be an admin to perform their core duties. They do need to have full control connections to all scouts to see the payment logs though. It’s also noteworthy that the committee secretary, outdoor/activities coordinator, and key 3 members can automatically create and edit calendar events without being admins. To message the entire pack, the leader or parent would need at least view profile connections with every scout.

We recommend Den Leaders be den admins in order to edit their den calendars, and it will automatically give full control conenctions to all of their scouts. You probably want to make your ADLs den admins too, but I could see an argument against in some cases.

This may help a little: https://help.scoutbook.com/knowledge-base/scoutbook-permissions-defined/

  1. It sounds like you have some duplicate accounts. First you’ll need to find out which is the right one. You’ll need to consider whether they have email addresses assigned to them, which is connected to their children, and/or which BSA member number is on each compared to which BSA member number they are registered on your member manager roster. In some cases, you may need to start with your council registrar to get that sorted out first. Then, you’d email scoutbook.support@scouting.org asking them to merge the Scoutbook accounts. You need to be careful about specifying which one you want to keep and if you want a BSA member number moved from one account to another. This can be highly dependent on the exact details. So, feel free to provide them if you need to.

  2. I believe Lion-Bear dens need to initially be created with a number. You later go into the den > edit den, and change it to text.

  3. Within scoutbook.com, there are a few different calendar views:

The pack page will show all pack and den events.

The den page will show only den events.

My Dashboard > will show everything for which you are invited (but not items your scout is invited to without you, I’m pretty sure). There is currently a bug in this that sometimes causes certain things to not display if you have events on multiple calendars. The developers are aware.

My calendar (accessed by clicking upcoming events in any of those other places) - You have the option of which calendars you want to display by clicking the gear icon. Each one will display only the events on the calendar. For example, selecting the pack calendar will not include den calendar events.

You can also subscribe to a calendar on your personal device. This will again display only the items on that calendar. For more details, see about halfway down on https://help.scoutbook.com/knowledge-base/scoutbook-tutorial-for-parents/


Outstanding Thanks For
#1 Is there a quick way to check connections and alter them or is the only way to click on each den and look at their connection manager den by den?

Also i noticed when i took pack admin off of our treasure it did not seem to have any effect of the connections so she is still showing full control. I guess my question is, if you remove admin control and they are just a committee member do you have to manually adjust their level on the connection manager or should it update automatically.

Thanks for all your help. I am doing a training in Feb and keep stumbling upon things. ]

I have sent emails to the support email in the past but have never gotten a response.

From your pack page > pack roster > connection manager. You can click of the adult name to change the entire row.

That’s correct. Adding admin automatically gives full control, but removing it does not change the connections.

How long ago did you send the emails? They do not work weekends. It also depends on the type of request. They can respond to some simple things quickly, but others that need to be escalated can take a little longer. You should have received an automated response to the emails with a ticket number in the subject line. If you post the oldest one here, we can have someone check the status.


The emails were sent several months ago… got a tracking number email but never got anything back… Sent in November.

In learning Scoutbook I connected several parents to one scout by accident. I also built a calendar that is not correct but I can not remove the events

is the scout name
Parents to remove are
Albert Trip and Rich dyer

If you have to remove all the calendar items that’s ok I can rebuild them. Also how do I enter Pack meetings into the Calendar. Other leaders are able to see options ie for a pack meeting I only have my den

We are Hawk Mountain Council Black Rock District Pack 624 Orwigsburg PA Den 10.


Eventually it self corrected so not sure if they fixed it or the system just caught up.

I actually meant to post the tracking number here. You can remove the Scout’s name from the above comment. But if it’s already corrected, maybe a different one is better to check on.

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