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Setting up den leaders - have to manually assign new den leader positions to assign to dens?

Setting up our den leaders and they are in the roster and have the den leader position as synced from the BSA. But it appears I have to create a DUPLICATE den leader position and use that to assign to dens? Is that correct? Seems redundant.


The BSA does not track dens in ScoutNET. You need to end the Den Leader postiion and add a new one to associate the leader with a den.

I have to end the position synced from ScoutNET? This does not change anything with our chartering info? Would be easier if you could just add a den to it.

ALSO, when I add a den leader role, the leader is not connected to the scouts in the connection manager. I have to add an additional Den Admin role to connect the leader to the scouts. Is this supposed to be how it works? Again seems very redundant.


@HarlanHeiber - there are two different terms being applied here. The first is the registered position of den leader. When I add a leader to a den I do it within the den itself. In doing so the leader is automatically connected. The admin Role is so that they have automatic full control and calendar rights without having to worry about it.

OK. I am trying to add within the Den. But there is no way to search my existing roster and instead I have to search like any other adult not registered to the pack.

Side note: I’ve tried to look through all of the help and there are no real guides on best practices for setting up your pack and dens. Just general high level instructions. This would have been helpful too.

@HarlanHeiber - yes the search is a general population search. If you add the position, then you would have to ensure connections via the den level connection manager and add that admin role. The other action does that behind the sceens.

So in summary the best practice is:

  • Click on the den and add a leader

  • Search for the leader and add them even if already in your pack roster - this will automatically associate the members to the leader

  • Remove the AkelaSBDeltaSync den leader position - I will do this by setting an end date instead of removing in case there is a need for this at some point.

You will also want to add them as a Den Adim in order to give them access to the den’s calendar.

Seriously? Why would the den admin role have more permissions than the den leader?

For us it is not a concern as we are only using Scoutbook for advancements right now. But would be nice if there was some documentation on each role and permissions they grant.

@HarlanHeiber - if you are only using scoutbook for advancement then perhaps just stick with Internet Advancement instead.

Thanks but to clarify, we want our den leaders to update advancements and completion of requirements as well as other awards and I don’t think you can do that in Internet Advancement.

@HarlanHeiber - yes you are correct. The den leaders would not be able to do anything with IA. Now with regard to the calendar there are permissions needed to enter and edit events. If there is no need for that at a den level then being den leader with full control of den Scout’s is sufficient.

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“Den Leader” is a BSA position in a Cub Scout Pack. “Den Admin” is a Scoutbook position unrelated the actual structure of a Cub Scout Pack that only defines a set of permissions and access levels for adults Scoutbook users. There’s nothing that says the Den Leader and Den Admin have to be the same person, or that you cannot have two Den Admins (while you can only have one Den Leader).

Thank you. This was very helpful. A lot of good resources there that I did not find before.

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