Den number and roster

I am a new leader and am having a hard time navigating scout book. It doesn’t list my den number in my pack and some of my den scout members are listed in different dens or no dens and because I am not “ connected “ to them cannot fix the issue. I am a leader for Bears Den 3 in pack 13.

@ShirleyPike - could you post your bsa ID number. Additionally, what does it show as your registered position in when you log in there ?

Even if you were connected to the scouts, you need to be a unit-level admin to change their den assignments. At least your CM, CC and COR should be unit admins. They can assign additional registered leaders as Scoutbook unit admins.

@ShirleyPike You need a Pack Admin to assign you as Den Leader and Den Admin for Bear Den 3 in Scoutbook. As a Den Admin, you should be automatically connected to all Scouts in your den with Full Control permissions and also have access to the den calendar.

It shows me as a Den Leader in Pack 13 and I am not sure of number, is it the same as never I’d?

Sorry that was supposed to say member id

Den Leader is a role for the pack which is good, but you need to be a den admin as well for the particular den. Simone with pack admin needs to them move all that are in your den to that particular den in Scoutbook. Then you will be set.

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