Be A Scout search results not accurate?

Hi all, two issues with be a scout today using MS Edge browser 1) results are grayed out and the map box shows as all grayed out. 2) previously, the search results are odd. They seem to measure distances from a post office within the zip, which then leads to odd results where the closest unit is in another town. It has the effect of putting units within the town much further down the list than units outside the town placed at the top. Any ideas? Can the measurement be from the centroid of the Zip or community rather than the physical post office structure, if that’s what’s happening?

@JohnDean4 see the grey issue and will report it - as far as the zip code - the post office is the center of the zip code - that is how they work

the pages do load - but it is taking like 20 seconds for the text to render - it is being looked at

The display issue is resolved

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