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BeAScout Uses US Zip Code for Map

Not a scoutbook issue, but also an issue, is that Be a Scout uses US zip codes for recruiting purposes to give interested families a way to find the local Pack. We do have US zipcodes, but the programmers used google maps which does not support Army Post Office of Field Post Office zip codes. (APO/FPO State would be AP (Area Pacific)) Interestingly up dating Pack information with Be A Scout is a JTE 2019 requirement. I have been working with Be A Scout website, but also talked with our District Scout Executive and Far East Executive and they told me this have been an issue for years because Google Maps does not support these zipcodes. I find this mindboggling that after all these years we can not figure out a fix to this issue. We have military families moving to Okinawa from Virginia and California actually all over and it would be nice for them in their research to find our Pack. I get this from Parent all the time, “Oh you have scouting out here”, but it has already been one year into their three year tour. I would like to have parents to have the information prior to moving to Japan, so we can accommodate the move and get the scouts into our Pack.,


Member Care Request

The request I submitted to BSA was marked as in progress (21/Jun/19 7:44 AM) and has been escalated by BSA.

HD-156711 - July 1, 2019 Escalation: Be A Scout and Online Registration for overseas units- Council 803.

I have added your comments (above) to that request.

Map support needed for all units overseas

The zip codes assigned to military and diplomatic sites overseas do not work for non-US government sites (e.g. American schools, companies, etc.) which are overseas.

Possible work-around?

I believe Be-A-Scout supports entering a URL for a unit web site which could include the area and base maps (or links to them). The online registration system problem is a separate issue.

2019-07-10 Comment added to HD-156711

For units and councils (and district) not in the US,

a. Be A Scout and the Local Council Locator need to support searching by location name, city and country.

b, Be able to define a Google Maps URL for their location. - A predefined map pin or a custom pin defined by geographical location (long. and lat.). The latter is also needed for units in the USA where the meeting location does not have a street address and/or is miles from the zip code post office location.

c. Along with website, Facebook, etc. they need to be able to add a “Map” URL for a local map PDF or web page. (Google Maps and other internet maps do not usually show building names/numbers on school campuses and military bases.)



You are an oracle of wisdom, and I appreciate your prompt and thorough research. If Be a Scout could save the zipcode and the user could add a thumbtack in google maps (thus linking the two together), with the data saved this would be a solution. Just like any science experiment a write-up for the fix and published widely especially for overseas units.

This issue is on my long term radar to fix, maybe it is my OCD, but I am not giving up on this one.

Once Again Thank You so Much!

Very Respectfully,