Bear Picnic Basket showing as "Not Started" when it is "Awarded"

Bear Picnic Basket is not showing as awarded:

Yet, when you click into it, it appears that all the required pieces of the adventure has been cut-over from Scoutbook - even with dates - and it shows as approved/awarded.

“Grin and Bear It” it has the same issue.


Provide the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) and we can check the DB to see what the status of these adventures is set to.

That looks like the same cache issue mentioned in another thread for you - try Shift + Refresh

I’ve refreshed numerous times using Shift + F5, nothing seems to be changing. When I logged into Scoutbook Plus tonight, it also indicated it had an updated. I refreshed and received the update. No update for this issue though. Is there something I can provide you to take a look?


Please provide the scout’s member number (no names).

The following scouts all have the same issue:


@RyanHendrickson thanks for details it is reported - have you tried a private window?

Good point… I just logged into an incognito chrome window to test, same issue. Let me know if you need anything from dev tools.

@RyanHendrickson no we need something to work - LOL

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Just checking-in to see what the plan is to fix this or to figure out a workaround. This issue and the ability to Mark my son as having completed Protect Yourself are the only two issues yet to be resolved for the 2023-24 Program Year.


The developers have it in their backlog. We don’t know when they will have it fixed, but I know they understand the importance of fixing the issues related to a Cub Scout advancement.

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I’ve unmarked the response as the solution because just noting that the developers are aware of the importance of fixing this isn’t a resolution to the underlying issue of accurately reflecting achievement of adventures in Scoutbook Plus.

I’m tracking the Scoutbook Plus Changelog - this should be marked as “resolved” when there’s an entry in the changelog to note the fix, unless there’s a better way to track these…

We do not have the time to find every bug report thread and mark them solved when a fix is released.

Not a problem for this single one, I’m tracking the Scoutbook Plus Changelog, so if you wouldn’t mind leaving this thread “unresolved” until there’s a resolution, I’ll cross-reference the issue and mark this as having a “Solution” once a solution has been deployed.