Adventures not showing up

Since this is our first year using Scoutbook, I am working with a leader and there are several of his boys that are in Webelos are not showing completed the Bear rank. Advancement talks to scoutbooks right so they should be correct this year from advancements earned last year?

They all have the link and the red circle to indicate that the databases are communicating. So not sure if I should have the leader manually update it or if there is an issue.

Also having the same issue with Parents is their information automatically gathered from the scouts apps or not to load into Scoutbook? If a parent creates an account and does training in My.Scouting should their info update in Scoutbook?


It sounds like awards were not recorded in prior years either through Internet Advancement or paper advancement forms. You can go back and record these prior year advancement completions for your Scouts. There is no need to mark each requirement complete, just click on the adventure, click on the Percent Complete and enter the completion date.

Parent data will only be loaded into Scoutbook if your registrar linked the Scout to the Parent in ScoutNET.

@edavignon Ok thanks is ScoutNET something we have access to or is that just a Council and National Employee program?

Units do not have access to ScoutNET. You can see some ScoutNET data via

ok and where do i see that in there?

Depending on the information you are looking for, some adult leaders can access it at using the Member Manager or the Training Manager.

Registered Key 3 members have automatic access. At the unit level, Key 3 is a BSA term that means:

  • Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor for Venturing crews, Skipper for Sea Scout ships)
  • Committee Chair
  • Chartered Org. Rep.

Unit Key 3 can designate functional positions to other adult leaders in the unit such as:

  • Key 3 Delegate (up to 3 adult leaders)
  • Unit Advancement Chair - gives access to Internet Advancement 2.0
  • Unit Training Champion - gives access to Training Manager
  • Youth Protection Champion - gives access to Youth Protection reports (possibly other training reports)

Please be aware that the functional positions usually expire at the end of each charter year.

Ok so I have a Adult who did YPT but is not assigned as a leader yet in My. Scouting. But her certificate is not showing up under her name in training. does it take a while she finished it yesterday.

At, try going to:

Legacy Web Tools → Training Validation

then search by Member ID

It usually shows up within 24-48 hours.

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