pin messed up issue - I updated my pack’s pin about a month ago (email and phone) and now it is not recognizing our location. It has us showing up in the Atlantic Ocean south of Ghana. The info I have entered is correct, but it just keeps showing exclamation points on all the address lines.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone know who to contact?

I was getting a slow, but steady stream of contacts before and it has turned to nothing and I just figured out why.

having Council turn in a ticket is best solution on this

There was a great Sea Scout joke in there, @DonovanMcNeil. I’m impressed that you resisted. :wink:

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I suspect it’s actually an issue of an API failing to convert addresses to lat and long and thus using 0, 0 instead. I’ve seen a couple instances of this on various FB groups.

@CharleyHamilton - ok… avast ye scurvy.

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I ran into this issue this week as well. It seems that updating information on the pin page results in the lat/lon being reset to zero. Going back to the page and clicking the locate button seems to fix it (as long as you don’t update the page again).

You can confirm whether the coordinates are set by running the Unit Pin report from the reports page in the left menu. Remember it seems to take a day before changes are synced to the site

I will report the API issue, but I am glad to here there is a temporary workaround which can repair the problem.

Interesting. I tried the “locate” feature at least a few times while trying to fix it. I did not know it took 24 hours to update. I will have to try it tomorrow. Thanks.

Aaaarggg…there be no pirates here … :slight_smile:

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There was an API fix last week and this should be corrected.