BEASCOUT mapping error

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*5) 128150586 San Diego Imperial Council

Pack 246 in San Diego meets in zip code 92109 (BeAScout pin is verified correct) but when searching on 92109, it does not show up in the returned values. However, when the adjacent 92037 zip code is added, it does show up. Is there something else to look at or to set?

Is your chartered org in 92037? Is it just a matter of changing your pin address?

No. The pack meets at the charter org. So meeting location and charter org address are the same.

The thing that makes this interesting is that the Pack doesn’t show up at all with a 92109 seach. Not far down the list, it just isn’t there. Even if the system thought that the address was actually in 92037, 92037 is well within the seach radius for a 92109.

Does it appear on the right location when you click “map view”?

With 92109, it is not there are all, in either view. Basically, is shows up on every other zip code except the one it is actually IN.

When you type in the incorrect zip code, where does your pin appear on the map? In the correct location?

Yes. You can check it out for yourself. Its very strange.

Is there anyone I can escalate this to?


Your local council is the primary support for volunteers. They can open a ticket with IT. There is no national support for volunteers.

Nevermind, I see that I has been resolved. Thank you.

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