BeAScout pin turned off as a result of recharter

It seems that the recharter going through turns off the beascout pin for units

Has anyone looked into what is making this happen and if it can be fixed?

It didn’t for us. Did your charter lapse? That is, was it processed after 4/18?

no, it went through in March

I guess its more random than I thought

@AngelaKoch Are you able to turn it back on at my.scouting?

Go to the Organization Manager, then click on “Unit Pin”.

Yeah, when the grace period expired at the end of Feb, any expired unit pins automatically turned off. Follow the instructions from @JenniferOlinger to turn it back on.

We got it turned back on, no problem. That helps understand the reason. I recently heard of it happening to more units, so I thought it was a glitch. It makes sense that it was the result of late rechartering, not a glitch. Thank you!

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