Unit Pin Not Displaying "Apply Now"

Our pack unit pin is no longer showing the “apply now” button for online registration. I confirmed that in my unit settings it is enabled, but on the website itself it isn’t showing.


@Matt - I would reach out to your council on that issue

Could be a recharter window

Okay thank you both, and nice avatar @Stephen_Hornak

@Matt - thanks I have been waiting for someone to notice caped crusader :slight_smile:

I’m a fellow whovian so it’s not often that a TARDIS slips by me :wink:

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@Matt - my first doctor was Jon Pertwee followed by Tom Baker which is my google avitar… scout on my friend :slight_smile:

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@Matt, were you able to get this “apply now” issue resolved on your unit PIN? I have a unit experiencing the same problem.

@BarryWMoore Had the unit charter fully posted and is the person who is making the change a key 3?

@Matt.Johnson - Yes on the Key 3. However, further investigation just moments ago verified the unit has not paid its fees for recharter. And that is the problem here. I appreciate your response!

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A “classic” BSA issue: clear error messages. You can see how this is an expensive and timing consuming part of software. Consumer software would usually tell you. I guess back in the days of DOS and early windows it would say “IRQ 13: STOP 12DDFF12” or something. Too bad in your case it didn’t say “Changes can’t be made until charter is fully processed” or something. It would help a lot.

I agree. It is “time consuming” trying to chase down a simple explanation.

Sorry for the delay. Yes that was the problem. Everything is working fine now.

Nice, I cosplay as Tennant from time to time :slight_smile: