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BeAScout.org question

Good evening,

I was trying to register with a troop by using the online registration program. So I went to be a scout. It says it’s a option but the button is missing. Any suggestions?

The troop’s recharter might not be fully processed yet.

Also, you had mentioned in another thread that you were interested in becoming an ASM or another registered scouter role. Many units don’t accept adult applications electronically, so you might need to go with a paper app. Some chartering organizations also have more (or less) formal processes for “interviewing” prospective scouters. Just make sure you already identified and addressed that part of the process before you put in a “blind” adult application.

Even for our troop who has had their recharter fully processed, BeAScout is still on “Request More Information” vs. “Apply Online”. I assume it is a national or council toggle?

There is a bug


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There was a bug…,Be a Scout should be fixed now

Still seeing the bug today.

I’m not seeing it for my unit. It is properly showing “Apply Now”.

Do you know for sure that your charter has been fully processed? To know for sure, you have to check your charter pdf and that it shows the end expire date.

If your charter is not fully complete, it is not a big for “apply now” to not be present.

@FrankRazem It does not look like your recharter has posted yet

It seems like more of a punishment than anything. So, all Methodist and Catholic chartered units have had their buttons intentionally disabled. Units are trying to recruit and this does not help. Perhaps the Apply Buttons were intentionally disable in years past, but I don’t recall seeing that.


The register online button is enabled again once your charter is posted by your council. Until the charter is posted, the BSA does not permit online registrations because a unit with a lapsed charter may not be renewing.

Your unit is in this grace period which is why the register online button is disabled.

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This may appear that way, but isn’t true. See @edavignon ’s answer.

This is not true as stated above.

my Scouting tools news

Position Manager and Rechartering:

National 01/07/2022

Position Manager, a tool introduced in April replacing Org Security Manager that allows the unit leadership to set functional positions. The COR can also change adult registered positions. While a unit is lapsed this feature is inactive. Once the renewal is completed and posted by the council the tool will be active again.

Catholic Church Statement

Methodists and Scouting

About a decade ago I believe there were about 11 methodist religious groups in the United States. Here is the last “United Methodist” news release that I know about:

The “United Methodist” religious group issues has been discussed in other Scouting forum topics.

I do not know about the other Methodist religious groups (churches).


There may be other factors affecting the new leader registration and renewal of adult leader registration in your council this year:

  • COVID which affects available professional staff and delays the movement of off-line paper documents.
  • laws and regulations imposed by federal and state civil governents (such as fingerprinting and background checks).
  • the ScoutNet database retirement and training of the professional staff.

BeAScout Information

For all units (in addition to unit renewals), please try to keep your unit BeAScout information up to date. Please check your unit’s BeAScout information after rechartering.


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